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Frequently asked questions

Why are customer reviews important for my business?

Customer reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions and strengthen your business' credibility. They can win customer trust and encourage people to interact with your business. Customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for your business.

How does Reviews911 help my business get more customer reviews?

Reviews911 offers a review management platform that can help your business get more customer reviews. The platform lets you send out review requests to your customers through email and SMS text messages. You can ask customers to leave a review on the 3rd party review sites that matter to you, and it lets them leave a review on those sites in just one click. It's so simple and direct that customers won't turn down, leaving a review for your business.

Why do I need your platform to help me manage my reviews?

Our platform allows you to easily manage all your customer reviews in one place instead of having to go to each 3rd party review site. You can send out review requests, get notified every time a review comes in, respond to the reviews all within the platform, and more. Handling all your reviews in one place makes managing them less overwhelming and helps you always stay on top of every customer review.

How does your platform manage positive reviews?

Positive reviews that are at or above the star rating that you choose are automatically posted to the 3rd party review sites. You can even respond to the positive reviews directly from our platform.

How does your platform manage negative reviews?

Negative reviews that are not at or above the star rating that you want are managed with our negative feedback feature. Our negative feedback feature lets you respond to negative feedback directly from our platform and attempt to Intercept and nurture unhappy customers before a bad review is left.

What 3rd party review sites can your platform send customers to leave a review on?

You can directly send customers to any of the 3rd party review sites with our Packages.

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