The Best Doctor Review Sites

 best site for doctor reviews


Maintaining a strong, positive brand reputation can improve the trust of existing and potential patients. One of the ways through which you can improve yours is by listing your practice on top doctor review sites. 


In a 2017 survey, 95% of respondents described online reviews to be “somewhat” and “very” reliable. Meanwhile, 70% said that online ratings, as well as review sites, have influenced their choice of physicians. 


Now, more than ever, patients want to look up online reviews and physician ratings before booking an appointment with a doctor. 

To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the best doctor review sites:  

Through Healthgrades, prospective patients can see how long you’ve been in top doctor review sitepractice, your training, licensing, as well as certification. They use a five-star rating system. Here, patients can rate your staff and the usual wait time in your clinic. They can also give feedback based on how well you listen and explain their medical conditions. 

Yelp is mostly used for finding restaurants and reviews. However, co-founder best doctor review siteJeremy Stoppelman was inspired to build the platform when he was sick and couldn’t find a doctor near him. Yelp has a wide reach. Plus, it also has advanced metrics that let you understand your prospects’ online habits. It should help inform your online marketing campaigns.







Another doctor review site worth considering is Care Dash. Patients can review doctor review wesbitenearly all aspects of the practice, from communication and scheduling to treatments. All reviews undergo an approval process to make sure that they are legitimate and reliable. To leave a review, patients must also sign up. Hence, all reviews posted here are honest and real. 



Vitals claims to be the largest review platform for physicians and healthcare vitals doctor review sitefacilities. They have search functions that let prospects look up specific doctors. Patients can also find doctors by specialty, location, condition, and insurance plan.  

It goes without saying that Google is the most powerful discovery platform thus my business If you get a lot of positive reviews, your practice will rank high on the search engine results page. You can add or claim your business on the platform on Google My Business. 


Now, the question is: how many sites should you sign up for?  


If you list your services on multiple review sites, managing everything can be challenging—unless you use a review management platform.


Reviews911 gives healthcare professionals like you a quick and convenient way to oversee feedback from all review platforms. Through it, you can access everything from a single dashboard and even get more reviews from patients. Whether through e-mail or SMS, you can generate and send patients messages, encouraging them to leave reviews on your chosen platforms. You will be notified as soon as patients leave feedback, allowing you to respond in real-time. 


Managing patient feedback doesn’t have to be exhausting. With a reliable review management platform, you can maintain a positive brand reputation that can help you stand out from the competition.