• 5 Must-Haves for Every Local Marketing Strategy

    What elements should make up your checklist for your local marketing strategy to succeed in gathering leads and improving sales? 
  • How Powerful Are Reviews for Your SEO?

    Reviews are one of the major and often overlooked factors that affect SEO. While reviews serve as guide for potential buyers and a way for businesses to prove their credibility, they are also a powerful tool that businesses can leverage to boost their online exposure. 
  • The Top Five Review Websites Every Contractor Should Know

    Generating customer reviews is undoubtedly an important aspect of marketing, but with the large volume of online review sites available, where do you begin to choose one that’s relevant for your business? We’ve outlined several helpful contractor review sites to help you get started. 
  • Yelp vs. Google Reviews Which is Better for Local Businesses

    When it comes to review websites, we have two main platforms: Yelp and Google Reviews.
  • Why Your Business Needs Yelp Reviews

    Yelp has been around for more than 10 years, and it remains to be one of the most widely known review sites on the web. Let’s explore how your brand would benefit from Yelp reviews
  • Why Online Review Monitoring Matters

    How customers perceive you and what they say about your business do matter. To this extent, online reviews have a lot of heft and can either make or break a business. Imagine searching for businesses that offer the same products and services. What could possibly act as the tiebreaker? Consumers are more likely to turn to online reviews to determine which establishment they should pick.  
  • How to Boost Your Brand Visibility Using Google Reviews

    Apart from providing search engine functions, Google is a database for user reviews. These reviews show up anytime someone Googles your company. Your Google rankingmeaning how high you show up on search resultsfactors in not just the amount of reviews you have, but the quality and authenticity of these reviews as well. 
  • Best Practices in Responding to Yelp Reviews

    Here are some tips in dealing with positive and negative feedback.  
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Reviews on Facebook

    Facebook allows you to interact with your clients in real-time as well as through scheduled posts, and your clients can also leave reviews about your company. The more reviews you get, and the higher rated they are, the better your chances that people will want to do business with your brand. 
  • How Review Management Systems Benefit Your Business

    Running a business can be hectic and you might not have the time to manage all your reviews. However, you can make this task easier by using a review management system. 
  • Increasing Brand Awareness with the Top Auto Dealer Review Sites

    Here, we’ve listed the top auto dealer review sites you should consider.
  • How to Strengthen Online Presence for Your Business

    Today’s marketplace is saturated with businesses of similar nature. For small business ownersit may be challenging to stand out amidst heavy competition. How can you boost your business’s online visibility and foster trust among your current and potential customers? One effective way is having an online review presence that’s authentic and consistent.