Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Reviews

buy facebook reviews


Positive feedback can help improve your brand’s image and draw more customers to your business. Reviews reflect how satisfied your customers are with your product or service. However, because feedback is such a powerful driver for business growth and brand credibility, some businesses have resorted to paying for fake positive reviews.  


While it’s tempting to use bogus reviews, particularly for you to boost your brand’s online image, this stop-gap solution is not advisable. Here are a few reasons why you should veer away from buying recommendations for your brand’s Facebook page. 

Why Buying Reviews is Imprudent 

  1. It’s bad for your reputation

Fake reviews are very easy to spot, and once customers realize that you’re paying for recommendations, they’ll find it difficult to trust your brand. You’ll diminish your chances of being seen as an authentic, credible business. Having fake reviews posted on your Facebook page could erode confidence from existing customers and discourage potential new customers from transacting with you. Consumers would question product or service quality. A good brand wouldn’t need the embellishments of inauthentic feedback. 


  1. It’s against the rules

Purchasing reviews goes against Facebook’s community standards, and any user can report any suspected fake review. Having too many reported fake reviews on your page can lead to its closure, especially given how Facebook has been closely tracking inauthentic recommendations over the past few years.  


  1. It can lead to more bad reviews

If your business page is filled with 5-star reviews but your actual product or service isn’t as good as the reviews say, there’s a high chance that dissatisfied customers will call out good reviews as fakes. This can lead to an influx of worse reviews. 

What You Should Do Instead 

Avoid the backlash and brand image damage that using paid reviews would likely cause. Trust your product or service. After a successful transaction, ask your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. Regardless of the kind of feedback they share, respond and allow your brand to genuinely connect with each customer. Authentic reviews, whether positive or negative, can give you substantial insights on how to improve your products or services and on how to enhance customer experience. 


Reviews911 offers a great review management platform for getting and managing reviews. It automatically sends out review requests to customers through text or email, and you can use it to monitor and manage existing reviews, allowing you to reply to customers and keep track of your progress.