Get An Edge Over Competition Through These Top Hotel Review Sites

hotel review sites


How important is it for hotels to keep track of their customers’ reviews? Ratings and reviews can largely impact a customer’s choice. When faced with two identical properties, ratings and reviews can serve as the differentiators. Reviews also make it easier for business owners and managers to maintain their establishment’s reputation.  


Monitoring reviews, particularly negative feedback, can give you the opportunity to interact with customers reviews and take necessary actions for improving your business and providing your clients with better customer experiences. This can help foster brand trust and loyalty among your client base. This can also help you attract more prospective clients.  


Here, we’ll help you find the top hotel review sites that you get listed on for free! These sites can allow you to become more visible to potential new customers. 

The Three Top Hotel Review Sites   

TripAdvisor is one of the biggest names when it comes to hotel review sites, trip advisoraccounting for 25% of hotel reviews. It covers other establishments as well, like restaurants and airlines. By having your listing on TripAdvisor, you can track reviews and find ways to proactively respond to each one of them.   


When conducting online searches, one of the top sites people turn to is Google Mygoogle my business Business. With over 5.6 billion Google searches being conducted per day, being listed on Google My Business would enable your business to increase its visibility and its chances of being discovered by more people. draws its millions of reviews from verified guests, so you’ll be able get authentic reviews. This Dutch company has millions of listings in international locations. Having your business included in thihotel review site would open doors to a bigger global community.  


To gain a bigger online presence, you can also turn to Yelp, which is another useful customer opinion site, especially for local businesses.  

Managing Your Reviews with Reviews911

Overseeing and addressing feedback can be overwhelming, particularly if you must deal with multiple customer comments from different hotel review sites. It’s easy to lose track of reviews, and lags in responses can make your brand seem unresponsive to client needs and opinions. This can negatively impact your business.  


Reviews911 is an online review management platform that makes it easier for you to create, monitor, and respond to customer reviews. It provides a convenient way for you to keep track of what your customers are saying about your hotel, and it helps you keep your clients better engaged.  


Interacting with your customers while maintaining your brand’s reputation can be done in three simple steps with Reviews911: 


  • Generate 

The platform generates messages that encourages your clients to give feedback about your hotel. 


  • Monitor 

You’ll get notified when a new review is posted so you can quickly address an issue or interact with your clients. 


  • Respond 

This platform enables you to quickly respond to all the reviews.  


Reviews911 can simplify your review management process. Being able to respond quickly to each customer can contribute to a better business reputation. Get in touch with a representative from Reviews911 today and create a strong, reliable online presence for your business.