The Best Way to Ask for Reviews

How to ask for a review


Did you know that approximately 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews? Almost all consumers search online before making that final decision to buy a product or avail of a service. When searching online, going through customer reviews holds as much sway as comparing products and services. 


This is why getting reviews from your customers is essential to your business. However, asking for reviews is no walk in the park. You need to have a well-planned strategy, an understanding of your consumers, and an efficient review process. There are dozens of strategies on how to ask for a review, and the key is in finding the best one that matches your unique business needs. 

How to Ask Customers for Reviews 

While there are a few who post reviews without prompting, the majority of consumers have to be asked to do so. However, asking customers in a straightforward manner can be quite awkward. If you’re wary on how to ask clients to write reviews for your business, try the following ways: 

1. Send a subtle request 

When sending post-purchase emails or messages, make your customers feel valued and appreciated for their purchase. Then include a subtle request for a review. Be tactful in doing so, and make sure that customers don’t feel any pressure to write one. You can also use a simple rating mechanism such as letting them click on stars and emoticons. After doing so, the customers can have the option to go to your review site or just leave the star ratings. 

2. Use the right language 

Language plays an important role in touching a person’s emotions. Using the right language can make a difference between customers feeling encouraged or being compelled to do something. So instead of asking your customers to write a reviewinvite them to leave a feedback on your site. Using the word invite is more subtle, and feedback sounds more casual and friendly than review. 

3. Choose the right time 

Timing is important when asking customers for reviews. It’s always best to ask them right when they’re happiest with your product or service. Send them an invitation to leave their feedback when their experience is still fresh in their minds. Ideally, this should be one to five days after purchase. 

4. Explain what the review is for 

Sometimes, customers need a bit more motivation. Give them an idea on how their review can benefit them and other customers by enabling you to improve your business. Make them feel that their opinion is of great value to your company. Explain in succinct terms that by sharing their experiences, your company can get a better grasp of the majority’s concerns and suggestions. 

Generating Reviews Through Reviews911

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