What You Should Be Doing To Get More Google Business Reviews

 How To Get More Google Business Reviews


Google is the fastest, most popular search engine today. Having your business optimized for the platform and finding ways to make your site rank higher on search results pages can help your brand become more visible and accessible to your target customers.  

One of the ways through which you can increase your business’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking is collecting several positive Google reviews. 

Here are a few tips on how to get more Google Business reviews from your customers: 

  • Work with your clients to get reviews 

Make sure you make it easy for your clients to leave a review about your business. Send them your Google Review Link by email after they completed a purchase and remember to thank them for their time. This will allow them to seamlessly move from your product site or from their order confirmation message to the page where they can leave you a review.   


  • Never leave one review unnoticed 

As more customers leave reviews on your Google Business account, you’re bound to encounter a wide range of feedback, from the sparkling 5-star ratings to negative, irate remarks. Regardless of what kind of comment each one is, respond to all of them. Thank customers who leave positive reviews. Acknowledge and address the pain points of dissatisfied customers. This will not only help you engage your market better, but it can enable your business to build a reputation as a responsive and accountable company. 


  • Include a Google review link to your website 

Your website is the main online asset through which you can get more Google Business Reviews. Here, you can showcase past reviews from customers, which can help attract new customers, and even integrate CRM programs, such as sending news, announcements, or special offers to people who leave reviews. 


  • Automate your Google review campaigns 

You can systematically send a feedback request via e-mail or SMS to people who purchase a product or book a service. A solid feedback system can not only help increase your website’s SEO score, but it can also enable you to stay connected with each of your customers.   


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