5 Quick Ways to Get More Reviews

How to get more reviews


Customer reviews are powerful tools that can help boost business growth. They aid in establishing a trustworthy brand image and they can significantly influence sales. In fact, new customers are more likely to complete purchases of products or services with excellent reviews from satisfied users. Moreover, reviews help businesses connect with their patrons, thereby enhancing customer engagement and building brand loyalty. But how do you get more reviews from your customers?  

5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews 

Almost all businesses recognize the importance of getting as many positive customer reviews as possible. However, this is often a daunting task. Here are five simple ways to get more online reviews that can boost your brand reputation: 

1. Request for reviews 

Most of the time, customers won't voluntarily leave reviews, so you must exert the extra effort to encourage them. You can generate more reviews by sending e-mails or SMS messages after items are delivered or services are rendered. You can include surveys that are easy to answer and links to review sites. You can also leverage existing online review platforms that automate these processes.  

2. Simplify the process 

Avoid compelling customers to go through a complex process of finding links and leaving lengthy reviews. Make the review process simple by utilizing no-fuss star ratings, surveys with tick boxes, or similar review tools that only entail clicking on pre-written responses. If you want longer answers, keep your review requests to just one or two questions that require short answers or mere one-liners. 


Also, increase your visibility in online platforms where your customers can freely post reviews. Make sure you have profiles in channels like Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites that are easily accessible to everyone. When you check in on recent buyers, share the links to these sites. 

3. Encourage with rewards 

You can encourage your customers to leave reviews by offering incentives or discounts on their succeeding purchases. The reward could also be something non-monetary such as points for your customer loyalty program or brand tokens. Rewards show your appreciation for their time and should not affect their reviews. 

4. Find the perfect timing 

Often, the best time to ask for reviews is within five days from the date of the transaction. For some services, you may want to ask for feedback on the same day but not necessarily right after the service is provided. Asking for feedback within the same day ensures that their experience is fresh in their mind. In some situations, particularly for products, you may want to give your customers enough time to test their purchase so they can come up with a fair review. 

5. Respond to all reviews 

Being responsive to customer reviews can encourage new customers to give feedback as well. Respond to all reviews whether they are positive or negative. For positive reviews, thank the customer and show them that you value their time. For negative reviews, acknowledge the remark and address the issues they’ve raised. Take them as an opportunity to improve your product or service. 

How to Get More Reviews with Reviews11

Reviews911 offers a review management platform that can help your business get more online reviews. We make reaching out to customers easier for you by automating and streamlining the review process.  


Among the many tools in our platform is the Review Request. It can help you obtain new reviews through online marketing campaigns sent to your customers. The other innovative tools that we utilize can help ensure that all reviews are coursed through a single easy-to-use interface that allows you to monitor and manage your own reviews. Reviews911 also notifies you whenever a review comes in so you can respond immediately.  


Get Customer Reviews Without the Hassle 

The more reviews you have, the more customers you can attract. Feedback can help you stimulate customer engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. To get more online reviews with minimal difficulty, utilize online platforms such as the one that Reviews911 offers so you can focus more on building your business.