Get Your Business Rolling Again By Removing Negative Google Reviews

how to remove negative reviews from google search results


Customers rely on reviews to decide on products to buy. The digital age has made it easier for people to voice their opinions on businesses, and these opinions can affect businesses strongly. In fact, a one-star rating riddled with nasty remarks could turn potential customers away.  


It’s no surprise that consumers count on Google reviews before trusting a product or service. That’s why you should know what to do when your business suffers negative Google reviews 

Evaluate the review internally first 

Responding impulsively may do more harm than good. It is frustrating to read negative feedback after you’ve spent all the time and effort to keep your business on its feet. However, it’s important to stay calm and objective.  


Assess the feedback internally first. The review may point out pain points that businesses often miss, and it may also help you understand how to improve your product or service. See where the customer is coming from and trace their purchase history. Taking logical steps prevents bigger problems and preserves your brand better. 

Immediately flag fake Google reviews 

Sometimes, people leave negative comments or reviews just for laughs. The good news is that you can flag and dispute these fake Google reviews. All you need to do is reach out to Google’s Support team, request them to flag a fake review as inappropriate, and ask them to remove it immediately. Follow up with Google once you’ve submitted the form. 

Get legal help 

Some situations have pushed businesses to sue customers for defamation. Other times, the customers themselves take businesses to court. If you’ve reached this point, you need to fill out a Google legal removal form and consult your lawyer. 

Respond immediately  

Your business benefits from responding to reviews promptly. Ideally, you should respond to Google reviews within 24 hours of posting. Not only would you show your professionalism and dedication to current customers, but you’d also give them a glimpse of the customer service you can deliver. 


Whether you are responding to positive or negative feedback, your prompt responses reflect well on your business among current and potential customers. You can also turn your responses into an opportunity to provide quick remedies and turn disgruntled clients into loyal ones. 

Address the negative review publicly, but only if you need to 

Many businesses often opt to send a private message to customers who have left negative reviews to avoid causing a spectacle. It’s also healthy to connect with one’s clients personally. On the other hand, a public response shows your customers that you listen to them, that you care about them, and that you want to do better.  


Constructive digital confrontations show that a business can accept its mistakes. You’re showing that you’re considerate of people who may not like your products and services. You’re also showing customers that you are determined to fix the problem. Finally, you demonstrate that you value customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Use tools for better review management 

It is worth it to use tools that help you get more reviews and prevent negative reviews from being left online. For example, Reviews911 helps businesses manage their customer reviews better with their online review management platformVisit to learn more.