How to Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook

How to Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook


Let’s face it: no business is immune to bad reviews. Even the best brands have to handle negative criticisms every now and then. And although there are times when it’s appropriate to remove negative feedback from your page, sweeping every single one under the rug isn’t ideal.  In this article, we’ll help you understand when to delete a bad review on Facebook and how to do it. 

How to Handle Negative Reviews  

Believe it or not, negative reviews can be good for business. For starters, unbiased reviews set realistic expectations, allowing shoppers to make well-informed purchase decisions.  


Having constructive feedback on your business page shows your confidence in your products and services. It lets consumers know that the pros of doing business with you outweigh the cons, if there are any. 


Bad reviews are also important because they present opportunities for growth. You can, for instance, identify areas that need improvement through customer concerns. More importantly, responding positively to bad reviews illustrates that you care about your consumers’ experiences. 


Unfortunately, not all negative reviews are constructive. Every now and then, you’ll come across online trolls, a customer with a grudge, or a hacker with malicious intent. You might even encounter fake reviews from people who aren’t your customers. You might also see spam reviews, which are often subtle advertisements for competing products or services. 


If you’re hit with a slew of fake negative feedback, report them and disable your page’s reviews section temporarily while you manage everything.  

Can You Delete a Negative Review on Facebook? 

Dealing with fake reviews and spam on Facebook can be very tedious. You actually don’t have the power to delete or hide reviews from your Facebook Page. You can only report suspicious reviews to Facebook for removal.  


To report a Facebook review, go to the specific post you want to take down. Click on the menu arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the review, then select “Report Post”. 


Until the reviews are taken down, it’s all up to you to protect your reputation. You should handle fake reviews in the same way you handle legitimate constructive feedback. Simply put, just leave a pleasant, brief, and honest message. However, do let them know that you take all the reviews seriously. If profanity or hate speech is involved, you can politely ask the reviewers to take down their post.


If you’ve received multiple fake reviews in a short period of time, you might want to disable your review section until everything is resolved. 


To disable Facebook reviews and recommendations, go to Settings. Click on Templates and Tabs on the left corner. Under Reviews or Recommendations, choose the Settings option, then turn Reviews off.  


Don’t forget to save your changes before leaving the page. 


Whether good or bad, legitimate reviews are valuable assets for any business. With Reviews911, you can generate more Facebook reviews for your product or service. More importantly, you can monitor, manage, and respond to reviews from a single platform. 


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