How to Strengthen Online Presence for Your Business

online presence

Today’s marketplace is saturated with businesses of similar nature. For small business ownersit may be challenging to stand out amidst heavy competition. How can you boost your business’s online visibility and foster trust among your current and potential customers? One effective way is having an online review presence that’s authentic and consistent.   

Why Online Presence is Important 

Having a solid online presence is an integral part of running a companyMore and more individuals are turning to the internet to find a local business. The average consumer usually reads a lot of product or service feedback before starting to trust a brandBusinesses need to build strong online presence and cultivate a good amount of positive reviews if they want consumers to choose to do business with them 

Your online presence can make it easier for your customers to find your business and look up information about your product or service. It’s an integral part of establishing your brand reputation and developing brand awareness for your business.  

Elements of a Solid Online Review Presence 

Here are some key things that may impact the online presence of your business. 

  • Claimed listings 

When you’re strengthening online presence, you need to have consistent listings in various platforms and review sites. Ensure that business information, like contact details and company background, are up-to-date and coherent across sites 

Completing and claiming your listing on review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is importantYou need to establish presence on popular sites that consumers frequently use and ensure that the information shared on these channels are correct. Accurate information would allow for easy and fluid customer experiences. 

  • Consistently good ratings 

Customers are more likely to be interested when they find good and consistent feedback about your business on review sites. A low star rating or inconsistent ratings on different sites may put off potential customers, given that only 53% of consumers would consider a business that has a rating of less than four stars.  

  • How recent your reviews are 

Consumers are more likely to trust your business if they find recent reviews. In fact 84% of consumers discount reviews that are older than three months.  

  • The volume and frequency of reviews 

Aside from consistency, the amount and regularity of reviews can impact your online presence. You need to be able to cultivate a high influx of truthful feedback to stay relevant. 

  • Authentic reviews 

A business’s trustworthiness is important to customers, which is why it is crucial to have high-quality reviews. Fake reviews can damage your brand’s reputation and prompt customers to question your business’s credibility. One way to achieve genuine reviews is by asking your customers for specific feedback on a certain aspect of a product or service. 

  • Use a tool to make review monitoring easier 

Running a business is already a demanding feat. Make generating, monitoring, and responding to feedback easier by using a service like Reviews911. It is an online review management platform that connects customers to your business in as little as three stepsConnect with a Reviews911 representative today and start cultivating your online presence.