Online Reputation Management: 9 Ways to Shine Online

online reputation management


Businesses can't always avoid negative feedback. Simple actions or misunderstandings may trigger a negative review from unhappy customers. This is why it is so important to learn how to manage your brand's reputation, particularly what people say about your business online.  

How to Build a Positive Reputation Online 

Feedback can make or break your business. Earn respect for your brand with the following steps: 

  • Do your job well.  

Make it easy for people to leave positive reviews by providing quality products and excellent customer service. Mind how you interact with customers as they can write and share their experiences online. 

  • Treat your employees fairly.  

Your staff can be strong ambassadors of your brand when you acknowledge their concerns and help them excel on the job. 

  • Monitor your online identity.  

Search your company name in Google and note what it says in the first five pages of the search results. Repeat the process using your previous business name if you've renamed your business. 

Regularly monitor your social media channels and answer inquiries promptly. 

  • Claim your social media handles. 

Open an account for your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest before someone else uses it. Claiming your profile will establish you as the owner of the domain name. 

  • Formulate communication standards. 

Write up a clear policy for online communication. Assign people to respond to reviews using a consistent tone and language for a strong brand authority. Set a policy for the type of response or solution to give when addressing various complaints. 

Consistency also means updating outdated information, editing conflicting messages, and removing inappropriate posts. 

  • Listen to customers.  

Address complaints professionally. Your response will not only help bring back trust but also encourage future customers to see you in a good light.   

  • Respond quickly and avoid arguments. 

Opt to reply quickly with a short message to assure the client that you're aware of the problem and that you're working on a solution.  

Step away from the computer if the discussion has become heated or emotional, so you can think of a strategy to diffuse it. Request that you talk about the issue offline. If your business made a mistake, own up to it and extend a sincere apology. Make it up to your clients through a refund or future discount. 

About 53% of customers say companies should respond to negative feedback within a week. Additionally, 89% of clients say they're willing to change their negative reviews when a business tries to make amends. Meanwhile, 45% decide to check out a brand based on how the latter responded to negative reviews. 

  • Make customers participate in your business decisions. 

You can use surveys, informally ask opinions, or conduct product trials when you're planning to expand, offer new products and services, or improve current ones. You can create excitement by sharing this information. 

  • Invest in online reputation management. 

Managing your online reputation can be a full-time job, so hiring a dedicated professional may become necessary if you don't have the time and expertise.  

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