How Review Management Systems Benefit Your Business

review management system

Online reviews are a crucial element that business owners shouldn’t overlook. Consumers use reviews to form opinions about your business and these can ultimately influence their decisions.  

Running a business can be hectic and you might not have the time to manage all your reviews. However, you can make this task easier by using a review management system. 

Why Having a Review Management System is Important 

Customers do take the time to read your reviews and these reviews, in turn, can influence consumer behaviorWhile 82% of consumers turn to reviews for more information about a local business, 97% of them read how a business responds to the said reviews. 

Positive reviews can drive an increase in website traffic and revenue, as well as encourage physical visits to a local business. 86% of individuals will think twice about patronizing a business with several negative reviews. Similarly, lower star ratings could put off a significant amount of potential customers.  

While negative reviews can happen to anyone, it’s how you choose to respond to these reviews that give consumers the idea of what you stand for as a business owner and what they can gain from trusting you. A bad review is a wonderful opportunity for you to turn things around and possibly win back a dissatisfied customer.  

Accordingly, how you manage positive reviews also says a lot about your business. Ignoring positive reviews can make you come across as ungrateful to your loyal customers, while acknowledging these reviews and taking the time to respond to them can encourage loyalty 

How a Review Management System Can Benefit You 

Having a review management system has several benefits: 

Saves you time 

It streamlines how you would respond to reviews, from collecting reviews to letting you answer any queries. This system can also send out automated messages and reminders.    

Allows review monitoring 

Having a review management system lets you easily monitor reviews. You’ll be notified whenever a review is posted so that you can respond in a timely manner.  

Helps improve your business’s reputation 

How you choose to respond to reviews can make or break your business. If there are numerous negative reviews or none at all, then you could run the risk of losing potential customers. A review management system collects good reviews that can help improve how potential customers perceive your business.  

Improves SEO 

Brick-and-mortar business in particular can greatly benefit from the local SEO boost brought about by an influx of good reviews. Reviews from customers can provide search engines with keywords that can be used for organic searches.  

Reviews911 is one such review management system that makes it easier for your customers to share their feedback and even easier for you to manage them. It also notifies you whenever new feedback is posted so you can immediately engage with your customers. Reviews911 makes responding to all feedback that much more convenient. Discover what this online review management platform can do for your business today.