Why Your Business Needs Yelp Reviews


Yelp Reviews

Online visibility is a must for any business and any marketing plan crafted today will include a section or two on how to strengthen brand image using online tactics.  

One of the most effective ways to be visible online is to have a lot of positive and authentic reviews. As more and more people transact online, people rely on review sites like Yelp as their source of information. 

Yelp has been around for more than 10 years, and it remains to be one of the most widely known review sites on the web. Let’s explore how your brand would benefit from Yelp reviews. 

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Yelp Reviews 

It helps you build a community 

Yelp for Business lets you add or claim—and manage—a free listing. Through the platform, you can interact directly with existing and potential customers. You can convert page visitors into customers and immediately respond to queries and reviews. 

Got negative review? You can do damage control right away and show customers how receptive you are to feedback and how eager you are to improve your services. 

Of course, you shouldn’t just focus on the negative reviews. It’s equally—if not more—important to acknowledge and respond to the positive feedback you receive. Yelp is an excellent space to build and foster a community among your customers. Engaging with satisfied customers on Yelp helps you establish their loyalty.  

People trust Yelp 

As mentioned, people have been using Yelp as their trusted source for recommended products for more than 10 years. The higher the score, and the more recommended it is, the higher the chances that the person would purchase that product. 

This is why it’s important that your business is listed on Yelp and that it’s rated fairly highly. Don’t underestimate the effect a Yelp review may have on your business. Estimates suggest that each additional one-star rating on the site can increase your revenue by as much as nine percent. 

Apple uses Yelp 

It’s highly recommended to be listed on Yelp, especially when you want to improve your online visibility on Apple Maps. Studies have shown that unlike other voice assistants and map services, Apple exclusively uses Yelp as its basis for determining how highly ranked your business is on their search engines.  

Why is this important? While Apple and Google are usually head-to-head in terms of computer or desktop searches, there are projections that state that Apple will become more popular among mobile searches, especially as the company continues to expand its reach and capabilities on voice searches.  

This means that a potential client using Apple Maps to voice search a specific business would have a higher chance of being recommended your product or service if your business is determined to be trustworthy by Yelp.  

Manage Your Yelp Reviews with Reviews911 

Reviews911 helps improve online visibility by helping your business manage the reviews you receive, especially those found on Yelp. Our strategies have been specifically designed to strengthen your brand reputation. Ready to build your community on Yelp? Contact us today.