The Top Realtor Rating Sites

Realtor Rating Sites


With digitalization more ingrained into people’s lives than ever, making sure that your realtor business has an established presence and reputation online is becoming increasingly necessary. A BrightLocal survey shows that 90% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, while 82% of consumers read business reviews left by other online users.  


While it’s clear that having an established presence backed by positive customer reviews is an excellent way to increase your clientele, this begs the question: “Where should I begin?” 

Here are the some of the best realtor rating sites on the internet to help you kick things off.   


If someone is looking for a realtor then odds are they’re going to start with a Google search. There are plenty of people who leave meaningful reviews about realtors through Google’s review feature and these are often the first to appear in a search.


Google’s strict guidelines on content also enforces that all reviews are genuine. They also keep realtor sites from being bombed by spam and other forms of malicious content that might lower their star ratings. is a website run by the National Association of Realtors, so you can rest assured that the content here will be authentic and substantial. The site can provides in-depth real estate articles to help with buying and selling property, and their realtor ratings are separated into specific categories to give clients with a better idea of a realtor’s strengths and weaknesses. 


The website is also chock-full of useful data about the local housing market and a list of the best real estate agents in your area. 


Zillow is a dedicated real estate website meant to help people buy and sell homes as efficiently as possible. Potential clients will be able to browse through realtors based on their star ratings throughout different categories such as expertise, responsiveness, knowledge, and so on.  


Zillow’s community is filled with professionals in real estate and other industries, so you can be sure that the reviews written here are fair and insightful.  


Much like Google, Yelp serves the role of a review management platform that caters to a broad range of industries from restaurants and banks to small homegrown businesses. The real estate side of Yelp is just as good as its other facets thanks to the rigorous screening process that filters out bogus reviews, keeping any and all content helpful to both businesses and customers.  

Managing Your Online Reputation 

Getting positive reviews from your clients is one of the best ways to make sure you establish a good reputation. However, ensuring your customers actually leave a review isn’t something you can control.  


That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. There are ways to encourage clients to leave positive reviews that can help accelerate your business, as well as manage them effectively. Reviews911 lets you quickly setup review forms, monitor your brand’s performance, and respond to any feedback you may receive all in one place so you can spend more time focusing on progressing your realtor business!