How to Boost Your Brand Visibility Using Google Reviews

Google Reviews

The Web has irrefutably changed the way businesses build their presence. Online visibility is paramount in this day and age, with big search engines such as Google being the battleground. 

Apart from providing search engine functions, Google is a database for user reviews. These reviews show up anytime someone Googles your company. Your Google rankingmeaning how high you show up on search resultsfactors in not just the amount of reviews you have, but the quality and authenticity of these reviews as well. 

Why Google reviews are important  

It’s crucial that your business accumulates Google reviews made by real customers. 

Google reviews are the easiest way to improve your brand’s image. Your potential customers will be more inclined to look at your company if they see positive reviews about your brand.  

And because most people use Google as their default search engine, organic Google reviews will significantly impact the way your company is seenand whether it is seen at all. 

Most people will only look at the first or second page of their Google search results. This is why companies compete to improve themselves within Google’s algorithm. Gaining Google reviews can boost your brand visibility in several ways: 

  • More reviews mean more information 

No one really knows how Google’s algorithm works, but there is enough data to suggest that Google prefers plenty of information. The more reviews you have on Google, the more its search engine knows about your business and the services and products you provide. Think of this as data real estate. Google will show businesses it “trusts, and this trust comes from how much data space that business consumes.  

But again, a distinction has to be made. Digital technology has advanced such that when Google detects that your business has a massive data real estate, it will look into whether that informationwhich includes your reviewsis genuine and made by real customersSpamming Google with fake reviews will not increase your visibility and may, in fact, reflect negatively on your brand.  

  • Reviews increase your credibility to potential customers  

Having your brand seen on Google increases how your clients perceive your trustworthiness. high rank on Google search results generally means that you are real and authentic brand.  

This perception of credibility helps with the customer experience and can positively influence their purchase decisions. There is evidence that shows that positive and authentic Google reviews can be the deciding factor as to whether a customer will buy something from your store or not.  

How to get authentic Google reviews  

Google My Business Listing

First, you’ll need to claim your business listing on Google. This provides Google all the vital information about your business and how you differ from your competitors.  

Once you update your listing, you’ll be able to add relevant details that will help you stand out. These details becomes a cohesive set of information that Google takes notes of to determine whether your business is authentic or not 

If you’re a novice at the digital aspects of running a business, you can turn to trusted review companies to help you navigate and make the most of your Google reviews. 

You can enlist the help of services like Reviews911a platform for collecting, monitoring, and responding to reviews.  

Their unique and customized packages make collecting new reviews easier and more efficient for your business. You can expect even more reviews using their services too, thanks to automated functions that prompt your customers for feedback and encourage them to post their reviews online.