A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Reviews on Facebook

how to get reviews on facebook

Whether you’re an established business or are just setting one up, social media is a great way to promote and strengthen your brand. Facebook is one of the best ways to do this as the social media platform attracts more than a billion users each day 

Facebook allows you to interact with your clients in real-time as well as through scheduled posts, and your clients can also leave reviews about your company. The more reviews you get, and the higher rated they are, the better your chances that people will want to do business with your brand. 

How To Enable Reviews On Your Business Facebook Page 

Go to your business page, and make sure that you are logged in as the business page administrator. You would immediately be tagged as the administrator if you used your personal account to create the business page. However, if someone else created the page for you, make sure that you are given access to the business page as its administrator.  

Click on Settings at the top right side of the page. You will notice the Edit function. Click on this. Scroll down among the list of features until you see Add tab. Once you choose this option, click on the Review tab.  

You can now receive reviews from your customers. 

Collecting Facebook Reviews 

There are many ways to gather reviews. The easiest way is to simply ask your customers to leave one on your page. Remember that ideally, Facebook isn’t your only platform for customers to leave reviews. While there are many advantages to growing your Facebook reviews for your business, it’s highly recommended that you also use additional review sites to get more reviews on and market your businessEncourage your customers to leave reviews in multiple places that they can choose from, such as Yelp and Google My Business to name a few 

Also make sure you always reply to your reviewsReplying to reviews improves brand image and shows that your business is responsive and attentive. Whether the review is positive or negative you should always reply. Hoshould you reply to negative reviews? Read our blog post on how to reply to negative reviews. Got negative reviews that you want to remove? See our blog post on how to remove reviews from Facebook. 

How To Collect Facebook Reviews  

First off collecting reviews should be from real customers, you should never buy Facebook reviews. Learn why it’s not advisable by reading our blog post on whyou should never buy Facebook reviews. 

You should collect real reviews by: 

After a purchase or service automatically ask them to leave a review or have an email or text sent out to them that politely asks how their experience was and if they’d leave a review 

Do you have a newsletter? Make an email template that would end with a call to action for them to check out your Facebook page and leave a review 

Do you have a website? Place a section on your website saying, Leave us a review on Facebook” and have it link to your Facebook page. 

Maintaining other social media platforms (ex. Instagram, twitter)Cross-promote your Facebook page. 

Managing Online Reviews  

Reviews on Facebook help build a positive online reputation for your brand, strengthen your social media marketing, and show potential customers that your brand can be trusted. When you receive multiple great reviews, it increases your chances of customers choosing your business over your competitors.   

Make sure that you manage your reviews effectively without having to sacrifice time from running your business with Reviews911. This platform lets you monitor and respond to online reviews across multiple channels as well as reach out to your customers, making it that much more convenient for them to provide feedback.